Traditional Japanese and Chinese lanterns are essential to give authenticity to a Eastern themed garden with its simplicity and harmony. Originally, stone lanterns (ishi-doro) and pagodas were introduced into Japan from China in the 6th century (Asuka period) at the same time as Buddhism, primarily used to light the front of Buddhist temples.

 Originally made of metal and used to light doorways to shrines and temples, they converted under the influence by Japanese tea-master Sen-no-Rikkyu in the late 1500s to really become a major garden element made of granite stone. Japanese tea ceremonies were often held in the evenings and light was needed to guide guests to the tea room.
Stone lanterns and pagodas come in many different sizes and shapes, but common to them all is a hollowed light chamber (hibukuro) made to hold any kind of light source such as electric lights, candles or oil lamps.


Today, stone lanterns and pagodas are primarily used for garden enhancements and for visual delight. Discover the enchanting range of garden stone lanterns, pagodas and sculptures that add simplicity and balance to the garden landscape. These beautiful structures can be used to add depth near your ponds or streams or simply use them as an accent within the greenery.

Please note that most lanterns [if not already pre-drilled] can easily be adapted to take an electric light fitting