General Terms of Business

Bonsai Middle East Plants Trading LLC is a Dubai based Company involved in the importing and selling of live bonsai trees.

A number of services are offered, such as:

Tree Recovery from neglect or 'bug' infestation. It should be noted that all trees (bonsai) purchased from us are in a prime healthy and bug-free condition. Depending on the circumstances, a fee will be charged for the service, this will range from 50/- AED upwards. The customer will be advised of the fee beforehand. As with life, no guarantees can be made as to the tree's recovery, but...if the tree is obviously beyond recovery, the tree will not be accepted.

Tree Retrurns will only be accepted within a period of 48 hours from the time of purchase and a refund will only be given if the tree and pot are in the same condition as when purchased. This is at the sole discretion of Robert Macnair. Trees purchased, that may still be under development, awaiting re-styling or re-potting at an appropriate time, payment is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Export/Shipping of bonsai outside of the UAE is not undertaken by Bonsai Middle East Plants Trading LLC. We will of course undertake  the secure and correct packaging and crating the tree(s) on behalf of the customer. The relevant documentation (if required) relating to the  freight (sea or air) and local (country of departure and arrival) is the sole responsibility of the customer. No refunds of any kind will be offered against payments received by Bonsai Middle East Plants Trading LLC for any goods or services provided with regards to the above. Should the customer meet with unforeseen circumstances related to the Export/Shipping of any item(s) purchased or ordered from Bonsai Middle East Plants Trading LLC, the above conditions apply.

Trimming, Pruning, Re-potting/root trimming are charged as per size and quality of the tree. A standard tree, with a pot size of 20cms to 40 cms will typically cost 150/- AED, larger trees with pot size of 45 cms and above will attract a charge of 300/- AED.

Holiday Care is a very popular service. Your tree(s) can be left with us for any length of time, initial charge is 35/- AED per tree per week, payable at drop-off time, additional/extended stays is payable upon collection at the rate of 35/- per week. If trees are not collected within 12 months and there has been no communication from the owner/customer, we reserve the right dispose of the tree in whichever manner we choose.

 [Updated 24.03.2019]



Re-Sale of customer tree(s)

As the UAE is a transient country, people move-on.

A service we have been offerting since 2014, is the re-selling of customers' trees if they are leaving the UAE and, for whatever reason, they cannot take their tree(s) home with them, or to their next destination. 

The tree(s) will sell, some quicker than others depending on how the tree(s) have been cared for. It is clear from the image on the right, that the more desirable tree, is the tree on the right of the two (actually, it's the same tree, but trimmed and refined). Sometimes a re-sale can go within a few days, other times... it can be months depending on how much work is required to get the tree into a 'sellable' condition/appearance.

Cost to the re-seller is 20% of the sale price, this balance can either be paid in cash (if the re-seller is still in the UAE) or by bank transfer to their bank account.

The tree(s) purchase is strictly cash only; for the full amount as agreed between the Buyer and Robert Macnair. No other forms of payment will be accepted, no trading of tree(s) or items placed against the purchase, deposits and pre-payments made previously for other trees and/or items cannot be used as forms to off-set payment. 

Card payment may be accepted with a surcharge of 4.8% of the total agreed purchase price.

Special Advance Purchase(s) against upcoming shipments

From time to time, we may offer customers the opportunity to view some 'special' trees available from our nursery suppliers. These trees are of high quality and have a certain appeal about them, we may decide to import anyway...but, sometimes there is a specific tree(s) a customer really wants.

Also, buying in this manner will allow the customer a unique discounted price. Terms for buying in this way are as follows.

The customer expresses an interest in a particular variety, if the variety of tree is suitable for indoor life or outdoor life in the UAE, then images of available trees will be forwarded to the customer. When they choose a tree(s), the tree(s) will be 'held' for 24 hours at the nursery until proof of the 50% deoposit payment is received by us. At that point the trees will be reserved for shipping.

The shipment, with the customer's choice of tree(s) typically arrives 6 to 8 weeks later in Dubai. No resposibility can be held by us for delays which are outside of our control. In the case where the tree does not arrive with the shipment, the 50% deposit will be returned to the customer. Once, the shipment arrives, the customer must pay the 50% balance in full within 30 days. If for any reason, the balance payment is not received within 30 days from arrival date, the deposit is lost and the tree(s) remains the property of Bonsai Middle East Plants Trading LLC.

The above situation has never arisen and customers are always eager to 'get hold' of their tree(s)!

N.B. Additional charges/costs may, under certain circumstances, be incurred for re-potting of re-seller trees, if these charges/costs are necessary, the customer will be informed from the start.






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