The art of bonsai is robust with symbolism and meaning where everything means something. Each detail sends a subliminal message, contributing to the larger story encompassed within the ongoing creation. Container and accessory colors are carefully chosen to represent the hues found in nature. Twists and turns in branches symbolize age and the journey through time. 

 Simplicity in bonsai is symbolized by the unadorned container which houses the showpiece. The color of the container, usually a neutral tone, also reflects the theme of simplicity found in nature. Bonsai’s predominant attention to principles of aesthetics means that the creation remains free of gratuitous ornamentation and maintains its position as the focal point.

Careful attention to unity in shapes and textures contributes to the overall sense of harmony found in nature, which is the dominant theme in bonsai.

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The purpose of this site is to share and enjoy the art, history and horticulture of bonsai and to provide current bonsai news and information for the United Arab Emirates and Middle East.

“The more you learn about the art, the more interesting the bonsai can be — many find the art of bonsai very meditative and great
for stress-reduction.”

I thought an update on the Cork bark Elm group/forest was in order....beautiful composition! To see the video of this creation go to: 'Videos-Inspirational ' in the menu.

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2. Jan, 2018


For both bonsai trees and houseplants: DO NOT USE BOTTLED WATER - USE TAP WATER

Some of our bonsai have rarely or never been seen before in the UAE; Japanese Black Pine, Mountain Juniper, Itiogawa Juniper...and more!

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Awaiting shipping to Dubai

A shipment of our trees, quarantined and awaiting packing

Carefully packed

We air-freight all our bonsai, a 48 hour timeline!

Large and small trees

With the care of our partners, all our trees arrive in perfect condition

Ready for the flight to Dubai

Meticulous attention to detail for the safe transit

Arrival in Dubai

Now they've arrived! Careful unpacking and immediate shower!

A shipment being prepared and packed from one our bonsai suppliers.....Next, an Emirates flight to Dubai!


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This beautiful imported Japanese Juniper is only 18" tall and 35 years old.





  • Before

  • After...ready for exhibition....pot beautified with Camellia oil and needles thinned-out

  • The 'Bonsai Master', Toru Suzuki at work.

  • Bonsai removed from pot and being root-trimmed.

  • The 'Master's' work is .....for now, completed.


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In cooler climates there are deciduous trees.

Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the winter months. Trees such as Beech, Maple and Hornbeam (deciduous) cannot survive in the UAE...or most of the Middle East.

Japanese Maple

A forest of 'evergreen' Spruce (sort of a Xmas tree)

Yes! Snow!....Bonsai are just normal trees...

A variety of Japanese Maple - 'Clump' style.


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