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Collecting these 'gems' from nature is an amazing experience and yes...., can be a little hazardous!

Yamadori - The Real Fun Side of Bonsai!

You could put this beautiful Pine tree straight into a bonsai pot! The tree is about 90 cms in height has been perfectly shaped and nature.

Have you ever wondered how some bonsai enthusiasts somehow seem to have the oldest and most beautiful bonsai? The answer is..... they let nature do most of the work.

Yamadori bonsai are found growing in the wild, usually from seedling, and grow slowly for many years, in some cases more than a century, before they are collected, and on a lot of occasions rescued from dying due to adverse conditions then finally potted to become truly 'one of a kind' bonsai trees.

!!Also, be aware that the trees you are collecting are not endangered or protected.

Check-out the video below to see Sebastijan Sandev collecting a Hornbeam [Carpinus] from the mountainous areas of Croatia. For more video of Sandev go to the 'home menu' and click on 'Video Masterclass'. 

Collected during the winter months (hence no leaves) this tree will be planted into a temporary container/pot to allow stabilisation and root development. It will start pushing out new buds in Springtime and will be a mass of new green foliage by he end of the summer. The image below shows Sandev's skill with Yamadori material.