Bonsai delivery within UAE - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

The bonsai you choose is always the bonsai you receive!

We've waited a year before announcing this service on our website.

Having shipped over 200 bonsai to all seven Emirates (with no casualties!🙂), we are now pleased to offer delivery service via Express-Overnight Courier . 


1. Contact us (if you know zero about bonsai🤔...we're here to guide you🤪)

2. We'll send you a few images of bonsai of varying prices (whatsapp is easiest)

3. Once we know your approximate budget, we'll send more images of bonsai in your price range

4. Select the bonsai(s) you want

5. Make *payment (charge for packing and shipping is usually 65/-) via ATM or bank transfer, we ship upon seeing a copy of the payment receipt. You should receive your bonsai within 48 hours🤩.

*Due to time restraints we do not offer an 'on-line' payment option

  • A suggestion from one of our suppliers in Omiya, Japan

  • Chinese Elm..tiny serrated leaves

  • Gift idea:

    Customers also ordered: bonsai feed + bonsai clippers: 75/-

  • 'Fuijan Tea'

    Example 'Care Guide' for Fuijan Tea bonsai, this is probably one of our most popular bonsai, lots of tiny white flowers and dark red berries.

  • 'Fuijan Tea' flower detail

Easy watering for your bonsai.....(4 minute video)

The bonsai pot can be submersed to totally to cover the soil surface. Download an example 'Care Guide' below.

Carmona ('Fuijan Tea') Care Guide

Click to download an example of our Care Guides for your bonsai